5 Babes On The Date You Have To Beat To Be The Best

Iskra Lawrence and YesJulz fess up to their best nights out—so far.

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, getting it right can be the difference between actually seeing her in that lingerie you bought or spending the night with Rosie Palm and her five sisters. To give you the best tools going into it, we talked to a few of our hotter friends about what has made past dates particularly special for them. 

Bottom line: it’s not about the money. Just put a little thought into it.

Thais O’Martins

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“My favorite date so far was a date on the beach,” swimwear and resort model Thais O’Martins said. “It was supposed to be just a beach day, but we ended up spending the whole day on the beach followed by watching the sunset and having dinner together. It was like a 20 hour date. You know, it was really [was the best] because it wasn’t planned. For me, the best dates/days are like that—when you least expect something special to happen.”

Iskra Lawrence

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“It was actually our second date and my boyfriend brought his warmest coat and we went to the airport,” said lingerie model and Runway Riot managing editor Iskra Lawrence. “He found a way to get as closest to the runway as possible. He put on some 90s R&B music which is like some of my favorite music ever with like G-Unit and Fabolous. We got on top of the car with our coats and blankets and literally watched the planes land for four hours. It was just the most romantic date and we had our first kiss there.”

Jasmine Tookes

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“Last year for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend did really good!” said Victoria’s Secret angel Jasmine Tookes. “He took me to this restaurant and the way it was set up was like a dream. There were candles on the floor and candles on the table and roses everywhere. In between each table there were roses that were taller than me. “

“It was all about the thought and being spoiled and him showing his love in the exact way he wanted.”


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“Well so I’m pretty blessed and I’ve had the opportunity to treat myself to really great food all over the world and have really nice experiences so I’m at a point where it’s the simple things that really stand out,” said event planner and director of vibes Julz Goddard. 

“So for my best date, the guy I was seeing really just wanted to take me to his favorite neighborhood. The whole time I’m thinking it’s going to be this great, elaborate neighborhood with elaborate gardens and flowers. So he picked me up and takes me to this spot in Brooklyn and none of it was very impressive, just another spot in New York.”

“But he took me for a walk and described why it was his favorite neighborhood. He told me stories about all the writers and artist that had been there as up and coming artists. He knew the blocks they lived on and spots where cool things happened and I thought it was really cool and different. At the end of the night we finally get to this place by the water where you could see all of New York City from Brooklyn and it was just beautiful. I had never seen what the city looked like from the outside. We just stood there and looked at the city and he said some funny things and then he kissed me and it was our first kiss. It was the best date ever.”

Vanessa Hanson

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“My boyfriend started out the date with a picnic at the top of a hill that has a 360 degree view of Los Angeles,” said model and UFC ring girl Vanessa Hanson. “We enjoyed sushi and wine while watching the sunset. Afterward, he surprised me by taking me to a bar where several episodes of one of my favorite television series was filmed: Fangtasia from True Blood. It wasn’t a fancy date by any means, but I’m a sucker for surprises and thoughtfulness!”