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12 Easiest Cocktails

Add one ingredient to booze to make magic.

1. Lemonade & Red Berry Ciroc

Lemonade is already delicious, so why not kick it up with some Ciroc Red Berry and party like you're Diddy himself. When life gives you lemons add them to booze, duh.


2. Cherry Pomengranate Crystal Light & Bacardi

If you ever wanted to drink a cup of straight rum, but the bite was too hard, just add Crystal Light's Cherry Pomegranate flavor pack to it and you'll feel the buzz within a few gulps and almost forget you're drinking rum.


3. Cranberry + Grey Goose Vodka

This is the drink to get when out at a bar and you're too manly or shy to order a strawberry daiquiri. The tart yet sweet taste of cranberry juice just lays over the top of the Grey Goose Vodka to create a simple drink everyone loves.


4. Coke & Hennesey Cognac

Coca-Cola and Hennessy is a "go to drink" for many, but it's a bit more elegant and macho than cranberry and vodka. The fizziness and sweetness of the Coke compliment the dark grape flavor of the Hennessy, helping those in need of growing hair on their chest.


5. Arnold Palmer + Don Q Rum

Arnold Palmer made the creation of iced tea and lemonade back in the 1960's and now were adding Don Q Rum to it and calling it the Maxim Don Q Arnold Palmer. (Very creative, right?)


6. Skittles + Vikingfjord Vodka

Why not make your Vikingfjord Vodka taste like the rainbow? Add some Skittles to the vodka, let it sit, give it a shake, and now you will be bouncing off walls as your drink this super sweet rainbow drink.


7. Strawberry Lemonade + Bulldog Gin

Where can you go wrong adding Gin to Strawberry Lemonade? The juniper berry, citrus, and herb notes in the Bulldog Gin does nothing but add greatness to the already great strawberry lemonade.