Politically Incorrect Cleavage & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [July 13 – July 19]

[1] Here’s a clever bra campaign, designed around the idea of the right and the left coming together in the form of political leaders’ faces drawn on boobs, and cupped into a push-up bra.

I've seem my share of political boobs, but they’re usually at a podium on the House floor.

[2] The power of social media buzz has worked its magic and caused SyFy to announce they are already planning to make a sequel to Sharknado!
Pleasenado don’tnado makenado anothernado piecenado ofnado shitnado Sharknado. Thanksnado!

[3] Jimmy Fallon’s guest Kristen Wiig got bumped this week, when Fallon announced a special superstar was stopping by the show. The audience went nuts as number 23, Michael Jordan – or rather, Kristen Wiig as Michael Jordan – walked out.

The last time I saw a white woman playing a black man was...well, when Coco married IceT!

[4] Comic Con is in full force, as seen here in the front row at X-Box’s Halo Waypoint panel (and our own photo diary).
You know you’re at Comic Con when the loner in the second row with a handlebar mustache and a wife-beater becomes the second most scary thing in the room.

[5] The always-inappropriate Jason Mewes sat on his throne and dumped dished about five of the most embarrassingly awkward moments from Comic Con’s past.

Here at Maxim, the only embarrassingly awkward moments come when we have to go number 2 in our unisex bathroom.

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