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Work Out Like a Marine

Maxim’s military adviser, Dakota Meyer, will get your ass in fighting shape. Listen up!

“To pass a physical-fitness test for the Marines, you need to be able to run three miles, then immediately do 100 crunches in less than two minutes, followed by 20 dead-hang pull-ups,” says Dakota. Sound intimidating? You bet! But it’s less daunting if you follow this regimen.

1. Mix up your runs

Don’t wear yourself out with daily long runs. Change up your routine: Take a long jog one day; the next, do 200-yard sprints. Do five sets of 20 crunches afterward. Aim for five runs a week. By week four you should be able to run three miles without puking.

2. Build a pyramid

Try the pyramid technique to build stamina. Do one pull-up, then rest a few seconds. Then do two pull-ups, followed by a rest. Then do three, then four, then five. Once you’ve managed five, work back down to just one. Surprise! You’ve just done 25 pull-ups.

3. Pull and push

To really push yourself, up the game by replacing your rest periods between pull-ups with push-ups: one push-up for each pull-up you do. If this doesn’t kick your ass at first, you ain’t doing it right. Keep working at it, though, and you’ll be Marine-fit in no time!

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