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How to Make a Hangover Helper

Adam Richman, a man who's overdone it once or twice, explains how to make the Ultimate Booze Flu Cure.

1. Bottom Bread
Go with a brioche bun or even old-school kaiser roll, brushed with some salted butter and grilled.

2. Meat
A piece of medium-rare skirt steak.

3. Eggs
On top of that go two fried eggs with runny yolks.

4. Spices and Sauce
Next, sea salt—preferably Maldon—and fresh black pepper. Then the green cilantro sauce from Brasa restaurant in Minneapolis. 

5. Bacon
Two strips of applewood-smoked bacon, but cut each in half to make four. And make sure they're a thick cut—no wimpy bacon.

6. Cheese
On that bacon, melt American cheese and white cheddar.

7. Avocado
Sliced, really ripe, bright green, and super creamy. Then on top of that, another slight sprinkling of sea salt.

8. Hot Sauce
There's a specific hot sauce out of Portland, Oregon, called Secret Aardvark. I would do a drizzle of that.

9. Top Bread 
Twist that sandwich down so the egg yolk mixes with the other sauces and coats the bacon and beef below it.

10. Side Order?
You could also put them in the sandwich, but a side of good diner French fries—the thickness of a man's finger—and a fountain Coca-Cola. A big-ass Coke, which will probably taste better if served in one of those big red plastic cups you get at a pizzeria. 

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