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What Do MMA Fighters Find Cute?

We asked these men, who get paid to smash people's faces in, to define adorableness.

Last Thursday, the MMA made its long-awaited return to Spike TV, with a star-studded Bellator fight card that included two World Championship Title fights. Since we like to ask the important questions here at Maxim, we approached some of the toughest dudes on Earth and asked them what stuff they find adorable. Short answer: Not us.

“My mom! She is always at the fights with me. She's the best!”
-Lightweight world champion Michael Chandler


“Bellator Ring Card girls of course! They are all very cute!”
-Featherweight world champion Pat Curran


“My children are cute as hell. I have three boys, twins, and a 10-year-old. My girlfriend Jenna [Jameson] and I love them so much!”
-Former MMA champ Tito Ortiz (current manager of Chris “Cyborg” Santos)

Check Bellator out each Thursday night at 10pm on Spike TV.

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