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"Best in Show" Genius Christopher Guest is Coming to HBO

Prepare for awkward hilarity with the mockumentary god's new show, Family Tree.

Photo Courtesy of Ray Burmiston / HBO

Christopher Guest is more than just the six-fingered man. He's also the sick-and-twisted comedic mind behind three of the funniest films ever made: This Is Spinal TapWaiting for Guffman, and Best in Show. Now he's coming to premium cable with Family Tree, a mockumentary (the style he perfected) about a recently dumped-and-single dude who decides to investigate—you guessed it!—his family tree. Though it stars the awesome Chris O'Dowd (remember, the cop from Bridesmaids?), the cast is rounded out by Guest favorites like Michael McKean, Bob Balaban, and, of course, the great Fred Willard. Check out this teaser trailer, then sign up for HBO if you don't have it already (you cheap bastard).