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Insert Foot Here: Beckett Simonon Shoes

Win a marathon (or the race to the subway) in these.

Photograph courtesy of Beckett Simonon



What it is: Beckett Simonon’s Hughes Longwing Shoes, $89


Why we like it: Say goodbye to the creepy shoe sales guy who wants to measure your feet with devices that look like medieval torture equipment. Instead, head on over to Beckett Simonon, which does all the work in-house and saves you the money you’d otherwise be giving to a middleman with an easy online shop with free, no-minimum shipping and returns. Oh, and the shoes? Beautiful, sturdy, and comfortable, with retro-chic designs like the Longwing – a ‘70s style that is long overdue for a comeback. (No pun intended.)


Where to get it:



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