Charles Ramsey Rescues 3 Kidnapped Women, Becomes America’s Newest Hero

The Cleveland native is officially awesome.

The Cleveland native is officially awesome.

It’s only a matter of time before we can expect to see the meme-ification of Charles Ramsey. The Cleveland man who came to the rescue of three womenwho had been missing for a decade is obviously a hero – I mean, he rescued those women! But he’s also awesome, and seriously fucking funny. As Ramsey tells it, he had the day off from work, and was enjoying his McDonald’s, when he heard something coming from the house next door.

“I’m eating my McDonald’s; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts,” he says. Ramsey busted the door down, and discovered  a frantic Amanda Berry and a young girl. Berry had been missing since April, 2003, after the then-17-year-old accepted a ride home from her job at Burger King. Ramsey immediately sensed something was up:

“I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms,” said Ramsey in one of his hilarious interviews. “Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!”

Ramsey then called 911 (NSFW audio here) and when the police raided the house, they discovered Gina DeJesus, who’d been missing since since she was 14 in 2004, and Michelle Knight, who vanished at age 20 in 2000. Police arrested three men, aged 50, 52, and 54, including Ariel Castro, a musician and bus driver who owned the house. The other suspects are reportedly Castro’s brothers. 

It’s a happy ending to a horrifying story, but at the very least we have a new American hero to celebrate. Check out another of Ramsey’s interviews here, and then raise a glass to the dude:

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