The 100 Ingredient Chili

If you want to win the Super Bowl, all you have to do is make the most epic chili in all the land.

Forget about the teams playing in the Big Gameif you want to win the Super Bowl, all you have to do is follow these steps for making the most epic chili in all the land. 

Step One: Make sure you have these ingredients.

1.            Ham

2.            Chicken

3.            Turkey

4.            Roast beef

5.            Bacon

6.            Sausage

7.            Tomato paste

8.            Tomato sauce

9.            Beef broth

10.          Chicken broth

11.          Kidney beans

12.          Cannellini beans

13.          Chipotle peppers

14.          Corn

15.          Black beans

16.          Celery

17.          Red peppers

18.          Green peppers

19.          Yellow peppers

20.          Orange peppers

21.          Red Habanero peppers

22.          Orange Habenero

23.          Chili Pepper

24.          Carrot

25.          Garlic

26.          Tomatoes

27.          Sriracha

28.          Cheddar cheese

29.          Pepper Jack cheese

30.          Gorgonzola cheese

31.          Sheep’s Milk grated cheese

32.          Parmesan cheese

33.          Cream cheese

34.          Sour cream

35.          Peanut butter

36.          Hershey’s kisses

37.          French fries

38.          Noodles

39.          Wasabi peas

40.          Salt

41.          UTZ potato chips

42.          Fritos

43.          Tortilla chips

44.          Tabasco Pepper Sauce

45.          Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

46.          Tabasco Family Reserve Sauce

47.          Tabasco Buffalo style pepper sauce

48.          Grey poupon

49.          Salsa Verde

50.          Balsamic vinegar

[pagebreak]51.          Chives

52.          Cinnamon

53.          McCormick’s Sweet ‘n salty Southwest seasoning

54.          Bacon salt

55.          Nuit en Enfer

56.          McCormick’s Southwest Seasoning

57.          Smoked paprika

58.          Sage

59.          Coriander

60.          Ground mustard

61.          Parsley flakes

62.          Cloves

63.          Cayenne pepper

64.          Umami dust

65.          Crushed red pepper

66.          Taco seasoning

67.          Ground cumin

68.          Tarragon leaves

69.          Old Bay

70.          Sugar

71.          Black Pepper

72.          Soy Sauce

73.          Oregano

74.          Vanilla extract

75.          Heavy cream

76.          Pickle Brine

77.          Chili powder

78.          Newcastle Brown Ale

79.          Bitters

80.          Titan IPA

81.          Tequila

82.          Glenfiddich Scotch Whiskey

83.          Sriracha Bitters

84.          Alibi Whiskey

85.          Captain Morgan Black

86.          Root Alcohol

87.          Water

88.          Coffee

89.          Bourbon

90.          Jagermeister

91.          Red Onion

92.          White onion

93.          Boiler Onion

94.          Garlic

95.          Jalapeno pepper

96.          Red Jalapeno pepper

97.          Chipotle peppers

98.          Adobo sauce

99.          Green Beans

100.        Thai Chili

Did ya get all that? On to Step Two….


Step Two: Prep your veggies, meat, and canned ingredients.

Step Three: Add all your veggies to the crock pot. Put your crock pot on high. 

Step Four: Put everything else together. And with vigor. (Having a bucket helps.)

Tomatoes and tomato sauce should be your base. 


Beer really helps. (What else is new?)

Don’t forget the yummy bitters. 

Keep it meaty. 

And spicy.

[pagebreak]Step Five: Take it from bucket to crock pot, and let it cook for a few hours or until your space smells GLORIOUS.

Step Six: When it looks like this, you can probably eat it. 


Step Seven: Add your garnishes and enjoy. You just won the Super Bowl. 

YUM. Tastes like a victory to us. No, really, it’s pretty good! 

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