The 20 Most Awesome Things About The New “Pacific Rim” Footage

That’s a lot of awesome to fit into 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

That’s a lot of awesome to fit into 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

If this movie has somehow slipped under your radar – and it would be understandable, considering the barrage of big movies about to come out – it’s time to rectify that. Out July 12, Pacific Rim is a movie about people wearing giant robot suits so they can fight alien dinosaurs. Now, there is more plot to it than that, but frankly, if you’re not already sold, then we don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

Some select footage was screened at WonderCon last month, but we’re happy to report that, that footage has now been made available to those of us that couldn’t (or more likely, wouldn’t) schlep all the way to San Francisco just to get poked in the eye by some dude eating a hot dog while dressed as Wolverine. See the footage below (ideally while making small, whimpering noises of amazement) as we reel off the 20 coolest things about this trailer.

0m25s: That’s Stringer Bell from The Wire! Idris Elba showed us he’s capable of handling sci-fi with last year’s Prometheus, so this should be a good fit.

0m27s: And that’s Charlie Hunnam, AKA Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy! Will we be seeing a monster get a whipping with a bike chain? We hope so!

0m29s: Yep, those two guys are controlling a giant robot. Sweeeet.

0m33s: Aquatic space dinosaur! This is already better than that abominable Godzilla movie with Ferris Bueller.

0m36s: Aaaand they’re fighting! This is like Power Rangers, only, y’know…not shite.

0m53s: Giant monster footprint in the sand! It’s like an adorable squirrel print, only terrifying!

0m57s: Holy shit that’s Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

1m07s: Jax responds to Charlie’s scientific theories with the simple, “Or we could just blow ‘em to pieces.” Yeah! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

1m09s: Did he just say the giant robot factory was called “The Jäger Program”..? We’re, uh…we’re pretty familiar with that one.

1m15s: Note to future fantastically wealthy self: We refuse to go anywhere unless we’re transported by being dangled from eight large helicopters. Refuse.

1m19s: Charlie Day shouting, “2,500 tons of awesome!” may just end up being our new text alert.

1m23s: Giant dead space dinosaur being transported on an aircraft carrier!

1m26s: Space dinosaurs double-teaming a giant robot and ripping it to pieces!

1m38s: Jax looking like he’s just done a really terrible fart inside his spacesuit!

1m44s: It’s directed by Guillermo Del Toro! He gave us both Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, so you can expect both quality action and a plot.

1m47s: Arghh! It’s Ron Perlman! Looking completely crazy! That’s our favorite kind of Ron Perlman!

1m57s: Stringer Bell is giving a President-in-Independence Day speech! While dressed as a knight! This is going to be epic.

2m00s: Does that…does that robot have nunchuks? Holy shit you guys, we think that robot has nunchuks.

2m09s: Space pterodactyls!

2m20s: A giant robot using an oil tanker as a baseball bat, to smash an alien dinosaur’s face in! We don’t know whether to be happy, or angry that we went our whole lives without anyone ever even telling us  that was something we wanted to see.

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