Live Like You’re Still in College With Pop-Tart Flavored Beer

Breakfast is being replaced with brew-fast. 

You didn’t ask for it, but it’s coming anyway. The new wave of breakfast food-inspired beer is taking hold of our taste buds with no plans to back down. The latest addition to your balanced breakfast? Toaster Pastry IPA, from San Francisco-based 21st Amendment Brewing.

The brewery’s San Leandro space used to occupied by Kellogg Co., and they’ll celebrate that unique heritage with an off-brand Pop-Tart flavored beer. We’re skeptical of how the bitter hoppiness of an IPA will mix with the sugary morning staple of the lazy, but since it’s coming in a 19.2 ounce can with an ABV of 7.6%, we’re not complaining. 

The bizarre brew will be released on August 29th. Until then, cheers, America.