50 Cent To Star In Thriller About Pro Football Players Who Pull Off Heists

The rapper/actor will play a veteran linebacker out for revenge in “Free Agent.”

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Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is pretty serious about his acting career, even going so far as to lose an alarming amount of weight for one role. Next up the usually beefy rapper and actor might have to bulk up even more—he’s set to play a pro linebacker who is leading a crew of football players who have turned to crime.

The Lionsgate heist thriller is titled Free Agent. THR (The Hollywood Reporter) has more about the “high-concept sports action heist thriller” that doubles as a kind of revenge tale:

The story focuses on a journeyman player who gets his last shot at his dream, but just as he starts to find some on-field success, is lured into a dangerous crime ring with some of his teammates that threatens his dream, his family and his safety.

Jackson [50] will play the leader of the ring, a veteran linebacker who pulls the younger player into his dangerous scheme to get back at league owners.

When the NFL is only just beginning to come to grips with the toll the game can take on players mentally and physically, this sounds pretty timely. 

50 Cent
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The movie will be directed by Deon Taylor, who said in a statement that he truly believes “this extremely complex role will truly allow the world to understand just how unbelievably talented 50 is as an artist.”

Free Agents is currently in pre-production, so no information is available regarding its premiere date. Hopefully 50 — who was so annoyed by coronavirus safety measures that he said he’d move to Texas where they had been reduced — gets vaccinated before he begins filming.