6 Heart-Stopping Seconds from "The Wolverine"

It's three times your daily recommended dose of SNIKT!

It's three times your daily recommended dose of SNIKT!

OK, we admit we didn't really get the point of Vine at first. It's like, what can a six-second video clip really capture (besides one of our marathon sex sessions)? A whole lot, it turns out. In addition to seeing new postersfor the sequel-to-the-spinoff summer superhero blockbuster The Wolverine today, we also now have a Vine video of its soon-to-be-released trailer featuring six looping seconds of the regenerating, adamantium-skeletoned mutant with the huge chip on his shoulders. Pay very close attention, and you might spy: Famke Janssen as the dearly departed Jean Grey (is she back?), shiny baddy Silver Samurai (boy, he's mean!), and super sexy Viper, played by Russian babe Svetlana Khodchenkova (uh, more please?). Check it out.  

The Wolverine hits theaters July 27.

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