Adam Scott and Amy Poehler Star in (The Second) “Greatest Event In Television History”

Sorry guys, Adam even admitted as much.

Sorry guys, Adam even admitted as much.

For the second year in a row, Adam Scott – star of Parks and Recreation, Party Down, and one of the most wonderful music moments in the history of cinema – has teamed up with Adult Swim to produce “The Greatest Event in Television History.” The previous installment featured Scott and Jon Hamm recreating the opening credits of Simon & Simon.

And it was pretty great. But apparently it wasn’t actually the GREATEST event in television history, at least according to Scott himself, and the host of last night’s blockbuster premiere of the new production. 

That host, of course, is Jeff Probst, who you’ll recall spent a memorable weekend trophy fishing with Scott’s character and Chris Daughtry aboard Marc Cuban’s boat in Stepbrothers. In the new extravaganza, which premiered to global fanfare last night at midnight, Scott teams with his Parks & Rec paramore Amy Poehler for a frame-by-frame recreation of the season four opening credits to the series Hart to Hart, which starred Robert “Number 2” Wagner and Stephanie Powers as jet-setting detectives, and aired from 1979-1984. (Note: Good guess, Maxim!) The bulk of the telecast was a documentary chronicling the making of this monumental undertaking. Also featuring Horatio Sanz, co-writer Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Paul Rust, and David Wain, it recounts ego clashes, therapy sessions, and other general difficulties. Here’s the result:

So, is it really and truly “The Greatest Event in Television History”? First let’s compare Scott and Poehler’s version to the original:

Not bad! But even Adam Scott, in an interview with

New York Magazine‘s Culture Vulture

admits that while this trumps other events such as the Moon Landing, the O.J. chase, and the


finale, there’s one event that truly the deserves the title of “Greatest Moment in Television History.” But if you haven’t watched last week’s episode of

Game of Thrones

, well, we won’t spoil it for you. 

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