Arnold Schwarzenegger Relives His Epic One-Liners with Jimmy Fallon

“I’ll be back” has never sounded so good.

Maxim iconand fitness enthusiast Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, and in addition to the standard sit-down interview, Arnold proved to be a good sport by participating in a hilarious QVC video spoof. The actor joined “Zach Striker” – aka, Jimmy Fallon decked out in an apron and blonde Hanson wig – to present a Vitamix blender and Slap Chop slicer, a setup that led to the Terminator bringing back some of his famous movie one-liners. Watch as Arnold vigorously tells his host to “get to the choppa!” as if he’s being chased by aliens, and ends the segment with one of the most famous lines of his career: “I’ll be back.” We can only hope, Arnold. We can only hope.