Amy Adams Can Talk To Aliens In the First Trailer for ‘Arrival’

Check out this spine-tingling teaser for the sci-fi movie from the director of ‘Sicario’.

We’ve seen plenty of directors approach the impending arrival of extraterrestrial life on the big screen, but none quite like the latest effort from Dennis Villeneuve.

The Sicario director’s new project, Arrival, follows acclaimed linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) after she is recruited to determine just exactly why these aliens have arrived on Earth, and what their true intentions are.

The newly released footage doesn’t show said outer space creatures, but does put their massive egg-shaped ships on display, as well as the tsunami-size fog bank they presumably rolled in on. 

As Adams sneaks aboard the vessel during a specific window of time, with Jeremy Renner and Forest Whittaker at her side, her reaction goes from uncertain to severely unpleasant as they aliens appear to come into her view.

Arrival will premiere at Venice Film Festival as well as the Toronto International Film Festival before hitting theaters on November 11th.