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Wake up and smell the tequila!

Wake up and smell the tequila!

It’s almost May, guys. Time to wake the hell up!


This week might be filled with one to 17 Cinco events for you to drink at. 

By the end of the week, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in tequila.

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Might as well start the week off right with some concentrated coffee infused liqueur made from tequila, right? You may have tasted coffee infused tequila before, but Avion has the FIRST ever made with espresso. We recommend this first thing in the morning to spike your usual cup of joe or at the beginning of the evening to start things off with a double buzz.

However, we don’t recommend drinking this straight. It works best with some sort of milk. We choose good old fashioned whole milk or half and half, but hey, if hemp milk is your thang, go for it. 

Oh, and definitely sip it on ice.

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