Barrel Proof’s Mizuwari

If waiting around as a “mixologist” adds an infinite number of froufrou ingredients to your drink doesn’t sound like a good time, you’re not alone.

Barrel Proof in New Orleans is getting back to boozy basics by only serving libations containing three ingredients or less. “At a certain point, throwing many things into something that’s five liquid ounces gets to be a mess,” says Barrel Proof bartender Liam Deegan. “A drink made for someone else should serve them, not the bartender’s need to feel like an artist.”

Check out this three-ingredient cocktail, the Mizuwari, AKA the Japanese Highball.


2 oz. Hakushu 12-year-old Japanese whisky

Sparkling water

Ice cubes


In a Collins glass, add whisky, and fill with large ice cubes. Top with a splash of sparkling water (whatever quality your wallet allows), and give a quick stir. 

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