The Bear Attack in The Revenant Sounds Brutal as Hell

Ouch, Leo.

It’s no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio really wants an Oscar — and we hope for his sake that his role in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant might actually be the part that seals the deal.

He’s made a point of mentioning that he suffered a lot during the making of the film, supposedly filming in below-30 temperatures and sleeping in animal carcasses. He also had to act out being mauled by a motherfucking grizzly bear (and then left for dead by Tom Hardy, who is apparently not as kind as he is smoking hot).

The bear attack scene was so brutal that the dumpster fire otherwise known as The Drudge Report reported: “The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling. ‘He is raped — twice!’”

Wait, what? Leonardo DiCaprio was definitely not raped by a bear in The Revenant. (Where do they come up with this shit?) But he was attacked, quite savagely, by a mother grizzly bear. One site even posted an excerpt of the bear attack from the Michael Punke’s novel on which the film is based to confirm the nature of the incident:

The grizzly dropped to all fours and was on him. Glass rolled into a ball, desperate to protect his face and chest. She bit into the back of his neck and lifted him off the ground, shaking him so hard that Glass wondered if his spine might snap. He felt the crunch of her teeth striking the bone of his shoulder blade. Claws raked repeatedly through the flesh of his back and scalp. He screamed in agony. She dropped him, then sank her teeth deep into his thigh and shook him again, lifting him and throwing him to the ground with such force that he lay stunned—  conscious, but unable to resist any further. He lay on his back staring up.

So yeah, pretty gnarly stuff. Use your imagination for now until you can see it for yourself on December 25th.