Bill Burr’s Rant About Colin Kaepernick Is the Take You Need To Hear

No, the comedian does not hold back.

Boston-bred comedian Bill Burr is perhaps best known for his extraordinarily blunt, no-bullshit takes on news and culture, and there’s no better way to hear his unadulterated opinions than listening to him ramble on about whatever he happens to be thinking about on his Monday Morning podcast. 

In his August 29 episode, Burr provides us with his brutally honest, yet well-founded, opinion of the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s decision to stay seated during the National Anthem. 

“For me personally, I’m a white male heterosexual, I can basically, within reason, do whatever the fuck I want to do,” Burr says. “Here’s a guy who’s making zillions of fucking dollars and he still feels this way… I should probably shut the fuck up and listen to what he has to say.”

He goes on to commend Kaepernick for his actions, saying it’s helped open a national dialogue on the issue of racial discrimination. 

“I think it’s great what [Kaepernick] is doing, and it’s a great way to open up a little conversation.”

Whether you agree or not, it’s hard to listen to the clip and not at least partially agree with what seems to be a grounded opinion. 

H/T Bro Bible