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February 14, 2022
Eminem appeared to channel Colin Kaepernick by taking a knee during the Super Bowl half-time show.
September 9, 2020
EA Sports released a statement calling Kaep “one of the top free agents in football and a starting-caliber quarterback.”
kneeling kaepernick
August 5, 2020
“Each and every one of us serves to protect our fellow Americans – ALL Americans.”
June 16, 2020
“I welcome that, support a club making that decision, and encourage them to do that.”
June 14, 2020
The controversial ex-49ers is also looking good to the Seattle Seahawks.
LeBron James Promo
June 4, 2020
“It has NEVER been about an anthem or a flag. Not then. Not now. Listen with an open heart, let’s educate ourselves, and then turn word and thought into action.”
Nike Air Force 1 x Colin Kaepernick Promo
December 23, 2019
The controversial former NFL quarterback’s “True to 7” limited edition Nikes sold out in North America ahead of its global launch
Colin Kaepernick Promo
December 12, 2019
“We created that opportunity. And he chose not to take it.”
November 25, 2019
“The workout last week did absolutely nothing to enhance the chances that Colin Kaepernick is going to wind up with another team.”
November 17, 2019
“I’ve been ready for three years.”