The Black Grouse Smoky Old Mate

It’s a barrel of fun!

Today’s cocktail takes a lot of preparation and elbow grease, but the result is magical and will make you feel like man!

It’s the Smoky Old Mate!

Smoky Old Mate

By John McCarthy of Bathtub Gin


(For a 3 liter oak barrel)

42 oz. The Black Grouse

28 oz. CarpanoAntica

28 oz. Cynar

28 dashes grapefruit bitters


To age: Mix ingredients in a separate container and then pour into a barrel. After first week, turn the barrel a quarter-turn clockwise and continue to turn it a quarter-turn weekly for three more weeks. (Age barrel for four weeks total.)

To serve: Pour mixture over ice in mixing glass and stir. Pour over fresh ice and garnish with an orange peel. 

And that’s all you gotta do! Just remember:

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