Baby Got Backlash: Blake Lively Under Fire for Quoting Sir-Mix-A-Lot

It all started with a picture of her butt on Instagram.


Blake Lively, currently starring on the Cannes red carpet with her new baby bump, raised a few eyebrows with an Instagram photo of herself in which she channeled rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot for some commentary about her curvier-than-usual derriere: Under the photo, a split-image of her wearing a metallic gown from the front and the back view, she wrote, “LA face and an Oakland booty.”

Presumably, this was intended as a reference to the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot song “Baby Got Back,” but many on social media are taking Lively to task for what some saw as casual racism in her insinuation. (For those just tuning in, the city of Oakland has a significant population of people of color; Los Angeles is much more segregated.)

Naturally, Lively’s Instagram post is full of commenters who were aggrieved by the reference, but there’s also nearly as many commenters who think we should all just relax and not get so worked up about a an Instagram snap quoting Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

We’re guessing Lively will address the controversy one way or another with a statement crafted with the help of her publicist, who was apparently out to lunch when Lively posted the bootylicious photo. 

Stay tuned….