Box Office Babes of 2011

The hottest girls from this year’s biggest movies.

When Yahoo passed along a list of the top ten most searched movies of 2011, we couldn’t help noticing that each of these flicks had a star that was particularly easy on the eyes. Behold: Ten girls who made the big screen a lot better this year. 

1. Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2Over the last decade–and eight Harry Potter movies–we’ve seen Emma Watson grow from a young, precocious overachieving witch into a hot, precocious overachieving witch. We felt a little weird about the transition at first, but now that she’s graduated from Hogwarts, it’s time to put the weirdness behind us.

2. Ashley Greene, Twilight: Breaking Dawn

With her spiky hair and sparkly skin, Ashley Greene reprised her role as Alice Cullen, a vampire with ESP abilities, in the fourth installment of the Twilight Saga. Or so we’ve been told…We hope that she sees a bright future with many movies that celebrate her human hotness instead of Twilight’s angsty, fanged mope-fest.

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Transformers 3

The top of our Hot 100 List and our July cover girl went from a Victoria’s Secret Angel to an explosion-dodging big screen mega-babe, thus becoming the hottest transformer of them all.

4. Olivia Wilde, Tron: Legacy

While Tron: Legacy didn’t quite live up to our expectations, and came out in 2010, Olivia Wilde is the hottest isomorphic algorithm we’ve ever seen. Just look at her: The girl can light up a room.

5. Mila Kunis, Black Swan

As the laid-back so-chill-she-eats-hamburgers dancer in Black Swan, we saw Mila get her groove on at the ballet bar and in Natalie Portman’s pants.

6. Jennifer Lawrence, X-Men: First Class

We watched a young Mystique learn to embrace her mutant blueness. And wished so badly we could embrace her mutant blueness.

7. Haley Atwell, Captain America: The First Avenger

As British Agent Peggy Carter, Hayley Atwell was a perfect mix of old Hollywood glamour and Bond girl-style bad-assery. We’ve rarely seen a gal look this good in uniform.

8. Brooklyn Decker, Just Go With It

That yellow bikini effectively immortalized the most mediocre of movies, even if it was just for those few seconds.

9. Jamie Chung, The Hangover, Part II

Ah, the beauty of cinema: If only we lived in a world where a PYT like Jamie Chung is actually won over by Ed Helm’s winning personality. Actually, fuck it, we’d probably still be striking out.

10. Jordana Brewster, Fast Five

After watching her in the action-packed, adrenaline-fueled Fast Five, we spend way too much time fantasizing about joyriding with our May 2011 cover girl while listening to Tracy Champman’s “Fast Car” on repeat. Just us?