Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart Is Starring In a Horror Movie With Corey Feldman

This sounds more painful than his “Sharpshooter” wrestling move.

There’s something about a career in professional wrestling that convinces musclebound men that they can act. Maybe it’s the inherent showmanship required to make it in the WWE. Maybe it’s the familiarity with being in character. It’s probably all those hits to the head.

In any case, wrestlers keep trying to make it on the big screen, despite their long history of failure. Turns out, not everyone can be The Rock. The latest actor to try his hand at Hollywood is Bret “The Hitman” Hart

The 59-year-old Canadian has acted on TV, but Tales From the Dead Zone appears to be his first feature film. The anthologized horror flick will be split into five different scary stories, each revolving around “a medical examiner who imagines how victims of a horrible car crash, may have lived their lives,” according to

In one of the stories Hart will play “a one man wrecking crew who doesn’t always play by all of the rules.” The rest of the cast is filled out by little known actors and one name that anyone who was alive in the 80s should remember: Corey Feldman. The charming child star-turned-weirdo adult will appear in Dead Zone with Corey’s Angels, his band/talent agency/sex cult.

Sounds like Hart’s acting career will be everything we expect it to be.