The Ladies of ‘Broad City’ Own Up to Where They Get Their Weed From on Late Night TV

In New York City, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

The antics of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer on Broad City are unprecedented, with the two pushing the envelope on Comedy Central farther than others have attempted before. One thing they are most certainly recognized for is their on-screen galavanting around New York City, most likely while high out of their minds.

While paying a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, the duo were questioned as to where they get their stash — no, not the weed smoked on the show (which Glazer comments is “fake and so harsh and horrible”), but the pot that they actually pack in their bowls on a regular basis at home. 

Because nothing should come as shocking from this duo, Ilana openly admits that she purchases her weed from a classy drug dealer of sorts, calling him a “full businessman, like a restauranteur.” And Abbi, of course, just buys from her good pal, Ilana.

Apparently, now is the time to get into the marijuana market and grab yourself garbage bags of weed to sell to A-listers like the ladies of Broad City. What’re you waiting for?