Watch: Bryan Cranston’s Hilarious Birthday Bash Reunites ‘Breaking Bad’ Stars

Bob Odenkirk and Aaron Paul come along for the ride.

bryan cranston b o bb

Actor Bryan Cranston, still best known for his amazing evolution as meth-dealing science teacher Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, turned 60 in March. Jimmy Kimmel, however, only recently gave him a very special “Sweet 60th” birthday in the form of a dead-on parody of MTV’s Super Sweet 16 reality series. 

The MTV show often featured teen girls at their very worst during the planning of massive 16th birthday blowouts and Bryan Cranston—shown living with his elderly parents—is just as committed to the same egregious brattiness. Along the way his bestie “B.O.” (Bob Odenkirk, the redoubtable Saul Goodman on BB and now the title character in his own show) shows up to help out—sort of—and Aaron Paul ends up at the party as well. Things do not end well for Walter and Jesse Pinkman, but you have to watch to see just how that shakes out. 

We’re just wondering if everyone except Cranston’s parents had a little too much of Walter White’s infamous blue meth, hence the shenanigans that ensue.