Camarena Silver Tequila

Much better than the Macarena, we promise.

Much better than the Macarena, we promise. 

Spring is here.


And it’s time to get down with some refreshing drinks. Drinks with tequila in them, specifically. 

Which brings us to Camarena Silver Tequila…

Despite the soft(ish) decor of the bottle, this stuff ain’t for pussies. It goes down smooth so that those who fear tequila (idiots) can drink it without whining about it.

However, because its so smooth, watch out because the alcohol is still there and kickin’. Don’t be the guy who is all “I can barely taste the alcohol in this! Pour me another shot! I’m a hero!” because you won’t look like a hero.

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In fact, don’t take shots with this stuff. Made from 100% pure Agave Azul, it goes great on the rocks with a splash of lime or in limey cocktails. Oh and it definitely goes great with chips. Lots of chips.

Or pizza?


Yeah, definitely with pizza. Is it lunch time yet?

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