Cardi B Responds to ‘WAP’ Critics, Defends Kylie Jenner Cameo & Launches OnlyFans Account

“I can’t believe conservatives soo mad about WAP.”

YouTube/Cardi B

While Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s raunchy new song “WAP” is garnering praise from fans, some conservative pundits are criticizing the buzzy banger for its explicit lyrics.

Not that Cardi seems to care about the largely partisan criticism. Reacting to a live reading of “WAP” lyrics by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Cardi tweeted what many were likely also thinking: “I can’t believe conservatives soo mad about WAP.”

Cardi went on to retweet memes and remixes of the track infused with Shaprio’s disparaging a cappella rendition of the opening verse before calling the conservative pushback “iconic.”

California congressional candidate James P. Bradley “personally took offensive to the message of the song,” adding that “Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion are what happens when children are raised without God and without a strong father figure.”

The Los Angeles Times later fact-checked Bradley’s claims, noting that Megan Thee Stallion did indeed have a strong father figure and Cardi B has publicly proclaimed her love for Jesus Christ.

In related news, Cardi took the criticism of Kylie Jenner’s cameo in the “WAP” video more seriously. CNN reports that a petition calling for Jenner’s scene to be removed reads, “The video was perfect until we saw K and I wanted to throw my phone.” Nearly 70,000 people have signed it. 

While Jenner, a white woman, is definitely the video’s biggest celebrity cameo, black artists Normani and Rosalia were also featured. Writer Danielle Young summarized the issue: what was perceived to be a musical celebration by black women was invaded by a white woman. 

“Normani did ALL this and Kylie walked down the hall and opened a door,” Young wrote. “If that’s not a perfect visual indication of Black women having to do the most and white women do the bare minimum to get somewhere, I don’t know what is.”

Cardi B responded in a series of since-deleted tweets, writing “Not everything is about race.”

“Why did I put Kylie on my music video? She treated my sister and daughter so lovely at her kid bday party,” Cardi B tweeted, adding that her husband Offset is friends with Travis Scott, the father of Jenner’s daughter. 

Amid all of the buzz and backlash surrounding “WAP,” Cardi has taken the opportunity to launch an OnlyFans to deliver extra content to appease fans who are “mad nosy” about her private life.

Cardi announced the development on Instagram, writing “Ok guys so now you can subscribe to my only fans! Yes I’ll be putting by BTS from WAP there ! And my day to day content.Also any rumors floating around.NO I WONT BE SHOWING P*SSY , TITTIES AND ASS .LINK IN BIO It will be a place for only me and my fans.” 

Nothing had been posted at the time of publication, but a subscription to Cardi B’s official OnlyFans costs $4.99 per month.