Watch Charlize Theron Kill Commies With Stiletto Heels in Sick New ‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer

This is gonna be insane.

The first trailer for Atomic Blonde, the forthcoming Charlize Theron-led Cold War caper from John Wick director David Leitch, teased an epic action sequence in a stairwell, seemingly shot in one take.

The all-new second trailer shows even more killer stunt work (see above).

In one sequence, Theron’s sure-to-be iconic character, M16 agent Lorraine Wallace, brandishes her red Dior stiletto heel as a weapon, using it to knock some bad dudes from a moving car.

In another, Wallace strangles some commies with an elongated yellow hose, set to a Kanye West track no less.

There trailer packs plenty of glossy visuals, remixed New Order songs and clips of Charlize Theron unleashing the hurt on 1980s Berlin. 

Atomic Blonde slams into theaters July 28.