Watch the Eerie New Trailer For the Chilling Horror Flick ‘It Comes At Night’

This is as creepy as it gets.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about It Comes At Night, a new horror movie due out this year from surging production studio A24, is that it’s not an M. Night Shyamalan film. In the teaser trailer above we get a powerful vibe reminiscent of the skilled auteur behind The Sixth Sense—and more recently, the box office hit Split.

It Comes At Night poster
Teaser poster for ‘It Comes At Night’

A24 has given us thrilling and creepily plausible deadly sex robots in Ex Machina and a delicious vision of old-fashioned evil in The Witch. In Night, rising star director Trey Edward Shults tells a story of psychological horror. It’s about a dad who will do whatever he has to in order to protect his family from an evil and unseen thing haunting their doorstep after sundown.

It Comes At Night stars Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, and Carmen Ejogo. The movie comes creeping silently into theaters on August 25, 2017.