Chrissy Teigen Is Getting Her Own Sitcom

Here’s what we can expect from Ordinary People, the show about Teigen and John Legend’s relationship. 

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s disgustingly perfect romance has hit peak #RelationshipGoals: A sitcom inspired by their marriage is in the works at ABC Studios. Weren’t we already jealous enough?

Black-ish creator Kenja Barris told Buzzfeed that his first project in a three-year deal at ABC would be a sitcom loosely based on the already well-documented love story of the Sports Illustrated supermodel and the pop star, who have signed on as producing partners. The show’s working title is Ordinary People, which sounds like a lame attempt at an ironic joke, but is taken from Legend’s 2004 hit of the same name.

“It’s inspired by them — they’re both super creative and super effusive and I’m just fans of them and everything they stand for,” Barris told Buzzfeed. “I’m really excited about it.”

The details are still being ironed out, but Barris told Buzzfeed that it “will be about an interracial couple. We don’t know what’s going to be what. But it will be a part of the show in terms of showing those two world’s colliding and coming together — their issues and their obstacles that [happen inside] their personal relationship.”

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, we already know a lot about what goes on inside Teigen and Legend’s enviable relationship. It will be curious to see what else Barris uses for material, and if it will involve any actual conflict. This may be the first time a television show has been inspired by a relationship that is still active; and it’s a far more interesting – and smart – choice for the happy couple to go this route instead of signing on for a reality series.

If Ordinary People is greenlit, production will begin in February.

Photos by Larry Busacca for Getty Images