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April 10, 2021
“No longer should a man or woman feel they need to fit certain gender standards, no longer should stereotypes exist for sexual orientations.”
(Photo: Wilhelmina)
February 14, 2021
“I always say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is confidence.'”
Jodi Harrison-Bauer Promo
YouTube/Mike Franzman
July 16, 2019
“I want to get my message out to all ages, but especially women over 50, to ignore expectations by being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone.”
Paige VanZant SI Swim 2019 Promo
May 9, 2019
“I have constantly been having to prove to the world and UFC fans that you can be beautiful and a badass at the same time.”
Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street
Paramount Pictures
April 6, 2019
“From now on, there’s gonna be nothing but short, short skirts around the house.”
(Photo: Wilhelmina)
June 1, 2018
“Most brands in the plus market tend to think that coverage is key. It’s not.”