Watch Camille Kostek Recreate Margot Robbie’s Classic ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Scene

“From now on, there’s gonna be nothing but short, short skirts around the house.”

Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street
Paramount Pictures

Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek, just recreated one of Margot Robbie’s steamiest moments from The Wolf of Wall Street, and you can watch it right here.

In the iconic scene, Robbie plays the upset wife of Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays crooked stockbroker Jordan Belfort. She dresses in a short pink dress while memorably enforcing a strict “look but don’t touch” policy. 

Kostek, who has dated the recently retired New England Patriots star on and off for some time, delivers and abbreviated parody that’s actually pretty damn close to the original, right down to the thick Long Island accent.

“Mommy doesn’t want to hear it,” she says. “And from now on, there’s gonna be nothing but short, short skirts around the house.” 

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and Robbie are similarly stunning. Compare Kostek’s homage to the real thing below: 

She’s not even the first beauty to channel Robbie. Supermodel (and former Maxim cover girl) Stella Maxwell did a similar take for the Love Advent Calendar in 2016. 

The original video has sadly been taken down, but at least we’ll always have this glorious still: 

Stella Maxwell Wolf of Wall Street Promo

Perhaps Kostek will take a cue from Sara Underwood next and explain penny stocks from a bathtub a la Robbie’s brief-but-sexy appearance in The Big Short.

If not, we’ll have to settle for her many incredible Instagram pics: