Sara Underwood Channels Margot Robbie's 'Big Short' Bathtub Scene As She Breaks Down Penny Stocks Naked

Sara, you've got our attention.

Anyone who's seen The Wolf of Wall Street understands how unscrupulous stock brokers get filthy rich by shamelessly peddling penny stocks to ill-informed buyers. 

But since those assholes are going to keep doing it anyway, stock trader-turned-Instagram star Timothy Sykes claims he's made millions betting against penny stocks on the principal that they all inevitably tank. 

Sara Underwood Bath

Best of all, he's pulled Sara Underwood out of one of her smoldering nature shoots to channel Margot Robbie in a sexy homage to the Australian actress's steamy-but-informative bathtub scene in The Big Short. 

"Wolf of Wall Street-like promoters buy huge positions for just a few pennies per share, then hype the stocks up, all while selling their own shares for massive profit."

Sara says, "When you hear 'penny stocks,' think 'shit.'" We're listening. 

"Tim Sykes actually likes this shit, because his top students and him short sell, or bet against these penny stocks and profit when they inevitably crash."

It sounds too good to be true, but we have a hard time taking our eyes—and ears—off of the blonde beauty. Just look at her.

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