Cindy Crawford Will Recreate That Iconic Diet Pepsi Ad for Super Bowl 50

Who’s thirsty?

Many have tried, but no Super Bowl ad will ever touch Cindy Crawford’s sizzling 1992 endorsement of Diet Pepsi.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cindy’s impact on the soft drink industry, here’s a refresher: Two young boys are hanging out when they catch site of the sex deity that is Cindy Crawford. Clad in a clingy white tank top and Daisy Dukes, Cindy fetches a Diet Pepsi from a vending machine and downs it like a pro.

“Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?” says one of the boys, who, in that moment, became a man.

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And just as we though our Universe was collapsing from the news that Cindy Crawford is officially retiring from modeling, the bombshell dropped another bombshell: she’ll be reprising those Daisy Dukes for Sunday night’s Super Bowl 50. The 49-year-old stunner posted to Instagram a snap of her recreating the commercial alongside Late Late Show-host James Corden.

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It’s all part of his post-Super Bowl episode, where Corden will be spoofing the much-loved ad. While glimpse of a heavy-set, pale English comedian in jean shorts is ripe for comedy, we ought to leave him with a warning:  

Corden, you better not dare block our view of Cindy Crawford drinking soda. 

h/t The Cut