Watch Clint Eastwood Dodge The DEA in Intense New Trailer for ‘The Mule’

There’s a LOT of cocaine in that trunk.

Clint Eastwood plays the world’s oldest cocaine smuggler in the moody first trailer for The Mule, in which he reunites with his American Sniper star Bradley Cooper for a tense thriller based on a true-life story. 

“I was a terrible father and a terrible husband,” Eastwood says in a voiceover. “Family’s the most important thing. Don’t do what I did.”

But besides being full of regret, Eastwood’s character is also smuggling a LOT of cocaine, as evidenced by the tense opening of the trailer, in which he appears to be about to get busted at a traffic stop. 

In his first role since 2012’s The Trouble With the Curve, Eastwood directs and stars as Earl Stone, an 80-year-old who becomes a drug courier for a Mexican Cartel. The movie is based on the real story of WWII veteran Leo Sharp, who was arrested in 2011 at age 87 for running drugs for the Sinaloa Cartel. 

Co-stars include Cooper as a DEA agent, Laurence Fishburne, and Michael Pena. The Mule kicks its way into theaters nationwide on December 14.