Here's the Crying Jordan '30 for 30' Parody You Always Knew Was Coming

This was bound to happen.
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On Monday night, just after Villanova's Kris Jenkins knocked down one of the greatest shots in the history of the NCAA Tournament, the great Americans who consider it their solemn duty to inject Michael Jordan's crying face into every sporting event got to work. This was their time. Never has a moment called for the meme like this one did. Not only had Jordan's North Carolina Tar Heels just lost in dramatic fashion, but MJ himself was watching from the stands. Here's a sampling of what those mad maniacs produced.

Brilliant. And now, hours after Crying Jordan reached its nadir, we get this 30-second 30 for 30 parody on the meme that just won't die. If there's a flaw in this video, it's that it's almost too real. This isn't Angels in the Outfield or Rocky 4. This is an actual, relevant cultural phenomenon. There's a non-zero chance that some young producer in Bristol is working on a documentary on this exact thing at this exact. And if there wasn't, there is now. 

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