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January 17, 2024
“The Dynasty” of Air Jordans worn by His Airness will finally be sold in early February.
January 5, 2024
Michael Jordan’s tequila brand teams up with artist Joshua Vides for Cincoro’s first creator collaboration.
October 2, 2023
A sneak peek at the next big drop of classic Jordan reboots.
August 25, 2023
His Airness is the NBA GOAT of making money.
March 10, 2023
MJ has netted an estimated $3.3 BILLION in total career earnings.
March 1, 2023
“The Dynasty” represents the most valuable collection of Air Jordan sneakers ever brought to market.
August 23, 2022
The new sneaker drop recreates the shoes that Michael Jordan wore on the basketball court before Air Jordans.
April 20, 2022
“The Last Duel” actors will write, produce and star in an Amazon Studios sports drama depicting Nike and MJ’s legendary sneaker deal.