The Daily Heat Index: Britney Spears Admits Her Most Famous Song Is Nonsense

Plus: Jimmy Kimmel pranks Kanye fans and the latest ‘AHS’ teaser channels ‘Children of the Corn.’

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Britney Does It Again
James Corden’s latest Carpool Karaoke outing through Los Angeles saw music goddess Britney Spears at his side, her guest slot perfectly timed to promote her new album, Glory, and her upcoming VMA performance. Between renditions of hit tracks “Womanizer,” “Make Me,” and “Toxic,” Spears admitted to wanting more kids, but doesn’t plan on putting a ring on it ever again. Also, if you ever find yourself check into a hotel suite next to “Anita Dick,” chances are you’re actually shacking up next to the pop princess herself. Go ahead, act surprised.  

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Kanye’s “New Yeezys”
Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to promote Kanye’s new line of Yeezy Boost 1150’s.. which aren’t a real pair of sneakers. Gullible would-be consumers jumped at the idea of purchasing the expensive shoes, stating they’ve got real “Kanye pizzazz,” though the shoes were really just purchased on EBay for $13.20. Watch Jimmy’s effortless prank above.

School’s in Session
While most of American Horror Story‘s season 6 promos are probably red herrings, the latest teaser hints at possibly a little inspiration from Stephen King’s Children of the Corn. Watch above as a group of eager-to-learn children bang on desks situated in a corn field, before ominously gazing up at the sky. It’s not creepy or anything…