The Daily Heat Index: Your First Glimpse at Megan Fox in the New Girl Trailer

Plus, John Cena reflects on his childhood with Jimmy Fallon, and rumors swirl about a female ‘Mummy’ villain.

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Megan Fox is the Perfect Roommate

Season 5 of Fox’s New Girl won’t hit the air until January 5th, but we’ve been blessed with our first look at Megan Fox’s debut as new roommate, Reagan. The sultry movie star takes a spot on primetime while Zooey Deschanel deals with having a baby, or whatever (while in TV land, Jess will be stuck dealing with a painful stint of jury duty). Even with the star missing, it seems like the group is still up to their typical antics, and by the looks of it, we have a feeling Fox will end up fitting in just fiiiiiine.

It’s a Wrap for Sofia Boutella

​Tom Cruise might’ve found his undeniably sultry foe in Sofia Boutella for the upcoming Mummy reboot. The Kingsman: Secret Service star confirms suspicions that a female would be the titular villain in the monster movie, set to hit theaters in 2017. There isn’t much talk as to what the plot of the film would entail, but with Cruise and Boutella leading the charge, it’d come as no shock to see a surprisingly large amount of ass-kicking goodness (even from a supposed crusty undead Egyptian creature). 

John Wrestles His Inner-Demons

John Cena channeled his sensitive side on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when he regressed back to his childhood to iron out some kinks. Flashback to 1984, little Johnny Cena was heartbroken and swore off love when his girlfriend moved away, and reminisces of days with his dog, Ruffles. Oh, the simpler times. “If I could only find him and tell him I’m still here. I’m trying to become a man,” he says. Dreams do come true, because he was able to confront his inner child (Troye Sivan), hug him, and then take him down. With his inner child dead, John Cena truly becomes a man.