The Daily Heat Index: Jenna Dewan Tatum Makes Us Want to Dance

Have a great date courtesy of 7-11, Jimmy Fallon loves to ‘look,’ and we watch America crown its first Ninja Warrior.

We Envy You, Channing Tatum

In honor of So You Think Youy Can Dance‘s Season 12 finale, Channing Tatum’s gorgeous wife (and original ‘Step Up’ lead) Jenna Dewan Tatum made a special guest appearance to show she’s still got it. She donned a seductive red number in her performance opposite choreographer Travis Wall that set the stage on fire. If primetime appearances became a regular thing for Jenna, you’d know where to find us.

7-11 Set to Deliver Date Night and Hangover Packs

If you’ve reached the lowest low possible humanity has to offer, why not just give up all together and outsource your dates to a convenience store chain? Yep, as part of their new delivery service, you’ll be able to order a “date night pack” complete with Ben and Jerry’s, a Red Bull, a Hershey’s bar, and condoms, of course. If your date promptly storms out of your apartment after said package arrives, just drink yourself to sleep and get their “hangover” pack the next day, which comes with gatorade and acetaminophen.

A Look is Worth a Thousand Words

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake took bromance to a new level in their “Looks” video. And poor Will Ferrell just wants to join in.

America Ninja Warrior Crowns a Victor

Meet America’s First Ninja Warrior. It takes a lot of balls to compete in the insane obstacle course of “American Ninja War,” but it requires an obscene amount of skill and fortitude to make it the entire way through all four stages of the show’s insane obstacle course. 33-year-old rock climber Isaac Caldiero somehow managed to pull it over in the show’s seventh season finale on Monday. Watch the video, it’s nuts:

Outkast Proposes a Biopic

Because Hollywood can’t let a good thing go to waste, according to a Reddit AMA, there’s been some thought put into an Outkast biopic in the wake of Straight Outta Compton‘s runaway success. There’s no firm details (really nothing has been done besides a casual Labor Day chat between Big Boi and Dre) but we’d be singing “Heya” all the way to the theater.