The Daily Heat Index: Katy Perry Drops the Official Music Video for Olympic Anthem, “Rise”

Plus: America gets its first Pizza ATM and Miles Teller crushes Jimmy Fallon in ‘Slip and Flip.’

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Katy Perry Gets Inspirational
Just hours before the 2016 Olympics are set to commence, pop icon Katy Perry dropped the full-fledged video for her new surprise track, “Rise.” In it, the singer fights against fate as she’s stranded in the desert with a broken down parachute. After facing the elements, Katy finds herself rising, quite literally, out of the video’s frame and into our hearts. Check it out above:

Pizza at Your Fingertips
Pizza fans, rejoice! Xavier University’s campus has been tapped as the first U.S location to receive a Pizza ATM, swapping out dollar bills for greasy goodness at the touch of a button. With the entire process lasting only three minutes, and a medium pizza going for $9, it’s almost like Cincinnati is just asking for a stoner population increase.  

Flip for Your Life
Jimmy Fallon stood zero chance against War Dogs star Miles Teller during a rowdy game of ‘Slip and Flip’ last night. Watch above as the two attempt to chug their way to victory: