The Daily Heat Index: Jennifer Lawrence Had to Get Drunk to Shoot Her First Sex Scene

Plus, the ‘Kimmel/Krasinski’ prank war continues, and we watch Colbert try and steal ‘Han Solo’ away from Harrison Ford.


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Yoga, Whiskey, and So Much Awkwardness
Though thought to be dead and buried, Seth Meyers manages to bring up JLaw’s first sex scene with Chris Pratt in his Tuesday interview with the actress. We find out more sweaty, oddly-placed, whiskey-filled details of the ordeal, like the fact that Lawrence wasn’t sure how many times she would be ‘humped’ and that she was extremely scared of coming off as a ‘predator.’ Whether she wants it to be or not, this sex scene in outer space drama Passengers is reportedly Oscar-worthy. We’ll be watching Jennifer, if only to take notes. 

Go Big or Go Home
Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski have been engaged in a prank war since the dawn of time. In honor of the Christmas season, Emily Blunt‘s perfect husband put a festive spin on his surprises this time around, giving Kimmel his own reindeer, transforming his office into a snowy wonderland of sorts, and having a pantless Santa press himself against the late night host’s window. Watch the clip below to witness Jimmy’s reactions, and see what he does to retaliate against John’s outlandish tricks. 

There’s Only One Han Solo
Ever wonder how J.J Abrams managed to bring back Harrison Ford for The Force Awakens. Well, now you have your answer, and it’s a funny one. Stephen Colbert shows us the ‘hidden’ footage of their meeting, and it looks like Ford originally didn’t remember playing the intergalactic character (at first). That is, until ‘Han Duo’ shows up and challenges Harrison for the role. Wonder who’ll come out on top? Find out here: