The Daily Heat Index: Seth Meyers Shows Us ‘Mad Max’ Like We’ve Never Seen It Before

Plus, the fatalities for the new ‘Mortal Kombat X’ characters are here, and we watch celebrities throw back tequila on the Oscars red carpet.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Wise Words of Reasonable Max
Seth Meyers tried to make sense of Fury Road‘s apocalyptic war zone last night with a parody of the Oscar-award winning film. In full ‘War Boy’ makeup, the Late Night host tried to rationalize Immortal Joe and the actions he’s taking to reverse the Earth back from being a desolate wasteland. Who’s idea is it to put gasoline and large flames so close? Wouldn’t water be better served circulating through the Citadel instead of dumped on the poor? Listen to Meyers’ useless suggestions above and see if the rest of the ‘War Boys’ do anything with his advice.

Flawless Victory
Everyone knows that fatalities are the best part of playing Mortal Kombat, and with the Kombat Pack 2 addition for Mortal Kombat X, your dreams of utilizing characters like Alien and Leatherface are about to become reality. If you need any incentive to purchase the new downloadable content (available for PS4 and Xbox One), just check out the clip above that features the most gruesome fatalities you could possibly imagine — chestbursting and chainsaws included.

A Little Liquid Courage
Jimmy Kimmel might’ve taken charge during his post-Oscars show, but it was his sidekick Guillermo who won that night after ripping shots with A-listers on the red carpet. Equipped with a bottle of ‘Academy A-Water’ (also known as tequila), the Jimmy Kimmel: Live! star charmed celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Charlize Theron into throwing back a quick shot before the show began. He even managed to nab an eskimo kiss from the Fury Road starlet, which is a victory in and of itself