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April 10, 2024
Crawford’s kiss and a dash of peppery flavor heat up the new “Casamigas” expression.
April 8, 2024
Finished in orange liqueur casks and honoring the “terroir of the Tequila Valley.”
March 21, 2024
The high-end tequila threesome pays homage to the years 1968, 1969 and 1970.
January 16, 2024
Showcasing a premium partnership between Buffalo Trace bourbon and Mexico’s fourth-oldest tequila distillery.
January 5, 2024
Michael Jordan’s tequila brand teams up with artist Joshua Vides for Cincoro’s first creator collaboration.
December 1, 2023
Jose Cuervo’s apex label crafts its first sherry-aged cristalino.
November 10, 2023
The world’s first single-estate tequila releases its second high-proofed distiller’s cut.
November 9, 2023
Presented in a custom crystal decanter, the finest El Tequileño bottle yet retails for a decidedly stiff $800.
October 27, 2023
Surf filmmaker Taylor Steele boxes his apex, 40-month aged tequila with a vinyl record.
October 16, 2023
The first of two free parties thrown by the world’s biggest tequila brand featured killer DJ sets and Cuervo Cristalino cocktails.