The Daily Heat Index: Watch Henry Cavill Slo-Mo Punch Jimmy Kimmel in the Face

Plus, ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ previews its new season, and a pig dancing to ‘Work’ will get you going for the weekend.

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Cavill v. Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of yesterday’s drunken holiday to grab the attention of anyone watching his show at bars with the sound off. “If you’ll indulge me, I’d like you to punch me in slow motion,” Kimmel asked Batman v. Superman star Henry Cavill. “I’ll go flying back that way, and then we’ll play it back in fast motion, and it’ll hopefully freak everybody out.” Cavill gladly obliged (and also asked if the punch could be at regular speed) and feigned an argument with Kimmel that looked just about as real as you would expect. The odds of many belligerent bar hoppers actually witnessing the event is slim, but at least it made for some quality entertainment the morning after. 

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Schumer Has a Case of Overexposure
Inside Amy Schumer dropped its first promo for the show’s upcoming fourth season, and it seems Amy has some issues she has to deal with before April 21st rolls around. In the quick clip, a doctor diagnoses the comedian with ‘overexposure,’ telling her to step back from the public for a little while and keep to herself. In typical vulgar fashion, the Trainwreck star says that exposing herself is something she just can’t quit — and we’ll see plenty more of it when Inside Amy Schumer comes back to Comedy Central next month.

Work Work Work Pork Work Work
No explanation necessary.