Dead Celebrity Interview: Michael Jackson

What has the King of Pop been up to in the afterlife? World-renowned medium Victoria Bullis summons the gloved one’s spirit to find out.

What has the King of Pop been up to in the afterlife? World-renowned medium Victoria Bullis summons the gloved one’s spirit to find out.

Illustration by Jonathan Bartlett

Michael, did you kill yourself on purpose? 

He says he didn’t. It was just too many kinds of drugs in too short a period of time.

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Do you regret what happened?

At first he did, because he was making a comeback, but he says we have to relinquish everything from our last life before we can move on. 

What did you think of the outpouring of grief that followed your death?

“Unprecedented,” he says. There wasn’t as much media or things like Facebook and Twitter when Elvis died, so it really was unprecedented. 

What do you wish you had done differently while you were alive?

He wishes he hadn’t tried to look white. And the plastic surgery, too. He also regrets what happened to Neverland. He wanted to honor his inner child there and to have underprivileged kids love it and enjoy it. It was a beautiful place, and he wishes that he had handled it differently.

Handled it differently how?

He did have incidents with boys there, which is another regret.

Michael, you’re admitting that you touched little kids?!

“I was inappropriate” is what he says. It all stemmed from his childlike stance. He wanted to be like a kid, and he really just wanted the sleepovers he didn’t have as a child because he was working.

Have you spent time with any of your idols in the afterlife?

Yeah. All souls do that, and when you’re on the other side, you have access to everything. So he’s spending time with the King, Elvis Presley. I can even feel Elvis in the room right now!

Now that you’re on the other side, what do you think of your portrayal of the undead in the “Thriller” video? 

He says now that the zombie concept seems ludicrous, but he was being creative. He’s showing me a picture of submarines.

OK…Michael, do you have a message for your family?

He’s not happy with his mother, because she didn’t protect him from his father. He likes La Toya a lot. Plus, she’s a medium, so he can tell her what he wants her to know—and he does. She makes sure his wishes are carried out with regard to his kids. They all feel him around, by the way. And Prince Michael is in the process of learning how to hear him!

Do you moonwalk in the afterlife?

“I can go to the real moon,” he says. I see Neil Armstrong up there with him, nodding his head.

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