Watch A Group of Players Defuse A Bomb In This Tense Video Game

Finally, a good reason to call a game “da bomb!” 

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes sounds like some kind of try-hard shoegaze band name, but it’s actually ten times better. It’s an extremely creative game that’s got people talking. And exploding, at least sometimes.

Here’s the gist: One player attempts to defuse a bomb while a group of other players (the “experts” in this situation) read the bomb’s manual and attempt to relay instructions to the defuser. Neither can see what the other is seeing, and the defuser has not seen the manual. The video stream below captures an extremely difficult and very tense moment between players who attempt to do just this. More concentration than pro League of Legends is going on here, and these players have it on lock.

Despite some hiccups throughout, this stream demonstrates a crazy level of concentration and discussion that’s happening between the players involved. It also makes us really want to try the game out. You can pick it up on PC for $14 at the official site. It also offers support for Samsung Gear VR via the Oculus store if that’s your thing.